CD8 Navigation Center

Council District 8 Navigation Center

Los Angeles, CA

Housing Angelenos experiencing homelessness presents one of the most critical design challenges of today, and it is of particular importance in the City of Los Angeles.

This project involves the assembly of modular units to form an integrated building to house a homeless operations center. While the navigation center’s primary use is to provide storage space for Los Angeles’ most vulnerable populations - in the form of approximately 250 individually allocated storage bins - the center is a hub providing a number of services to those experiencing homeless. There are restroom, shower, and dressing room facilities, classrooms for job training, laundry facilities, and offices for the Navigation Center Staff.

The building is currently under construction, and is set to be completed Summer 2019. The intent is to provide a light-filled space that feels clean, elegant, and welcoming, while achieving a highly functional and efficient facility to best service the homeless population of Los Angeles.