Kinross Recreation Center, UCLA

Kinross Recreation Center


UCLA, Los Angeles, CA | 2017

With the displacement of an existing fitness center geared specifically towards servicing the university’s graduate student population, UCLA opted to take over a prominent off-campus corner at the intersection of Veteran and Kinross Avenues (currently used for parking) and locate a new fitness center there. A series of modular portable buildings was envisioned to be fitted out for this purpose.

The resultant 9,990 SF facility upgraded the graduate students’ existing workout facility and provide a dynamic, light-filled and open environment in which to work out and socialize. The interior opens out to an exterior training area with an overhead canopy structure that provides needed shade. Service zones have been located to create acoustic buffers against the traffic and automobiles in the vicinity.


Project Team

Project Principal: John Friedman
Consulting Principal: Alice Kimm