Good things come to those who wait. Now the wait is over for the CMC and CMS communities; Roberts Pavilion has opened for recreational use.

And it's only the beginning. As CMC President Hiram Chodosh said a few months ago during a "Senior Preview Day" at the Pavilion, "to be sure, the Pavilion is the home of CMS Athletics, but it's a facility intended for use by all students. It's an events center not just for athletics. The whole campus will be utilizing it."

Chris Spells, Director of Recreation & Manager of Roberts Pavilion: "When discussing the facility, and walking through with the architects, they were pleasantly surprised at the ability to see through the facility with ease. The glass throughout Roberts Pavilion allows for one to walk in the main entrance, and instantly be able to see the track and Zinda Field on the backside. When working out in the fitness center, one can clearly see through the arena, and into the Athletics offices. This transparency really brings our goal of the building to life which is to be an inclusive, welcoming space for our community."

Read the full CMC Press Release here.