Alice Kimm was a guest on KPCC's AirTalk this week, discussing a new high-end residential complex and its effects on Los Angeles real estate.

Housing prices keep going up in Southern California, making homeownership out-of-reach for many Angelenos. As the city and state tackle the housing crunch and affordable housing issues, one of the most expensive homes in America is on the market right here in L.A. It’s a behemoth in Bel-Air that features 20 bedrooms -- the largest one clocks in at 5,500 sq ft, four swimming pools, and a commercial-size beauty salon. And the asking price? Just $500 million. Would a listing like this change the high-end real estate game in L.A.? Could this spur a nuclear arms race of over-the-top houses? Who might actually buy such an expensive building?

Listen into Alice Kimm's interview on Southern California radio KPCC above, or visit the KPCC website to read on!