John Friedman and Alice Kimm speak at AIA|LA Design for Dignity Conference

Design for Dignity is an annual conference organized by the Los Angeles branch of AIA. Currently in its third year, the conference will serve as a forum to discuss best practices and strategies for addressing the regional homelessness crisis. During the day-long event, architects, designers, urban planners, civic leaders and community activists will all convene to share their insights.  

Alice and John have both been asked to speak at the upcoming Design for Dignity AIA | LA conference. John will talk about the urgent and temporary design strategies for shelter and amenities, while Alice will lead a panel entitled “On Accelerating Innovative Design & Development of Permanent Supportive Housing & Services.” During the panel, she will discuss with other architects and designers to seek answers to pressing questions for alleviating poverty and preventing homelessness. Overall, they will both contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding the design and creation of temporary and permanent homeless shelters in Los Angeles.

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