Wonderland Elementary School Kindergarten Classroom Building

Wonderland Elementary School


Los Angeles, CA

The new kindergarten classroom building at Wonderland Elementary School is approximately 4,169 SF, sculptural one-story mass that is mostly curved in plan to present a soft edge towards the campus as well as to the existing two-story classroom building to its south. The design builds upon the idea that “wonder” can be expressed in an architecture that is simple, sculptural, light-filled, colorful, and full of unexpected moments and spaces of discovery.

The program calls for two kindergarten classrooms, student restrooms, faculty restroom, electrical and utility room, covered walkway to provide protection from inclement weather, and storage rooms that are accessible from the exterior. Toplight, provided through skylights and solatubes, is a key component of the design. A covered walkway is integrated into the volume of the building to shelter users during rainy days. Each classroom has a special circular reading nook that is toplit and will form the basis of small-group teaching, independent reading, and other special activities. The building is designed to meet Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) sustainability measures and is scheduled to be completed in 2020.


Project Team

Principals-in-Charge: Alice Kimm, John Friedman
Project Manager: Lauren Rath
Project Team: Jin Hong Kim, Lolade Frankel


Los Angeles Unified School District